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MailGet is one of the best email platforms when it comes to sending a huge volume of emails with a single acCount. It connect a wide range of multiple SMTP services such as SMTP2Go, SendPulse SendInBlue, SendGrid, SendPulse, Amazon SES, SparkPost, Elastic Email, and more. This company provides a wide range of products and services such as MailGet email marketing, MailGet Bolt, Email list cleaning, Email enricher, and Email SMTP.

If you have been using MailGet products and services and want to find a solution to concern, you can simply reach out to us at our MailGet toll-free number +1(855)419-0919 or drop us an email at our MailGet technical support.

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If you are looking for information on how to easily connect MailGet SMTP with your existing MailGet account or with a different email marketing application for sending bulk emails, here is the information:

You would be required to the first login to your MailGet account to connect MailGet SMTP and then click on Settings. Now, you can visit MailGet SMTP and then select “Connect MailGet SMTP”. You would now be able to view different MailGet SMTP service plans. Once this has been done, you can choose the required plan as per the specific requirements of your business and then proceed to make the payment. It is important to note here that you will be initially allowed to send 2000 emails only via MailGet SMTP. MailGet will review your email campaign statistics after you have sent these emails and it will then update you with the email sending limit as per the purchased MailGet SMTP service plan.

Once the payment has been done, you would be asked to verify your sender email address. You may also verify other sender email addresses as per your preferences. You would be required to first add your sender email address and then this email address must be verified. You can simply click on “Add Sending Email” button to add the email address. It will redirect you to a page where you can add the email address and thereafter you will receive a verification email from MailGet. Your sender email address will get verified once you confirm the verification email.

You can now click on either “Connect MailGet SMTP” or “Go To MailGet SMTP” option to get the MailGet SMTP credentials by clicking on “Generate SMTP Detail”. You can then proceed to “Connect To MailGet” option to connect the MailGet account with the MailGet SMTP. You will now receive a popup message that MailGet SMTP connected successfully in your account. You can use these credentials if you want to integrate MailGet SMTP Service with some other email marketing applications.

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MailGet was created with the sole purpose to help business owners generate more revenue through email marketing without putting a burden on their pockets.

SMTP Routing is an innovative way to send email campaigns and experiment between wide ranges of email deliverability services. You can send emails from more than one email sending server in the MailGet account. For instance, you may decide to send 10,000 emails from 3 email servers (Amazon SES, MailGun SMTP, and Mandrill SMTP) that are connected to your MailGet account. A total of 3400 emails will be sent using Mandrill SMTP and 3300 emails will be sent each from Amazon SES and MailGun SMTP if you decide to select 34 percent from Mandrill SMTP and 33 percent emails each from Amazon SES and MailGun SMTP. You can track the campaign once sent on the click of ADVANCE REPORT button.

You will now be able to view open, click, and unsubscribe rate segmented by different SMTPs to measure, track, and improve the email deliverability of your email campaign. This will also help you identify the best SMTP for your business. You can simply select the best SMTP for your next campaign and drop the worst SMTP for the campaign.

Benefits Of MailGet Email Customer Service

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is important for a business owner to associate only with a reputed and successful provider of email marketing solutions. This is simply because there cannot be any chances taken when it comes to success and this is exactly where MailGet email marketing comes into the picture. MailGet has been an industry pioneer in its own true ways. You can use professionally-designed email templates and newsletters and customize them according to the preferences of your customers and the specific email campaign specifications and send these emails and newsletters to thousands and millions of customers within a short period of time with MailGet email marketing. In other words, you can create thousands and millions of emails while still creating and sending a promotional message (to each and every customer) that is relevant and personal to them. Not only this, you can save a lot of manpower and other resources that would have to otherwise be diverted to creating and sending emails. These “saved” resources can then be utilized to perform the most important activities of the business.

Today’s educated and aware customers want to be associated with businesses that emphasize on educating and informing customers at the right time, platform, and place about the advantages, unique selling proposition, how-to-use guides, tips, and precautions, etc. associated with products and services. To find out more, you can call us at our MailGet toll-free number +1(855)419-0919 or our MailGet technical support if you need any kind of general and technical support.

Believe it or not, these customers would not hesitate for even a second before sharing these promotional emails and newsletters on their social media and other platforms and with their family, friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. This obviously translates to word-of-mouth recommendations that would, in turn, promote brand recognition, brand awareness, brand acceptability, visibility, online presence, authority, loyalty, sales, inquiries, leads, profits, and return on investment. Moreover, these businesses are also likely to be beneficiaries of top search engine placements and high page rankings as visitors to their website will stay more at the site, more visitors will reach the website, and the website will be shared and appreciated by thousands and millions of customers. It is worthwhile to note here that as much as 90 percent of online users don’t look beyond the first page of search engines like Google and top search engine placements and high page rankings would be a real blessing.

However, it is extremely important that the created emails and newsletters are compelling, unique, relevant, meaningful, and optimized without being pushy. The content should be error-free and clear & precise. The headline and subject should be catchy and interesting and the promotional message ideally must have a call to action and direct checkout link to make purchases. Moreover, it must have all details of social media and other accounts so that customers can easily visit and become a part of those accounts. The most important thing to remember is to be consistent throughout the year with engaging emails and newsletters as there can be instances when some customers may not make immediate purchases but your regular emails will stay in their subconscious mind and they will always select you ahead of the rest whenever they want to make a purchase.

If you are running a small business, MailGet email marketing is the best thing for you. Email marketing does not differentiate between a small and big business and all businesses get equal opportunities to succeed. This means that small businesses such as brick-and-mortar stores that are generally at the receiving end due to lack of funds and resources don’t have to any longer struggle against big businesses. If that is not all, email marketing is all about staying ahead of the times and finding new, innovative, personalized, and creative ways to evoke and retain attention of both existing as well as potential customers.

MailGet email marketing, which is complemented by professional and courteous MailGet technical support, is one of the best platforms to view real-time post-campaign analytics. Business owners, managers, and marketers can analyze critical metrics such as open rate, engagement levels, click-through rate, forwarded messages, etc. to find out which are the most profitable and the lowest profitable of all marketing and promotional campaigns. Email marketing solutions by MailGet can also easily help you stay on top of the competition by creating, customizing, and sending engaging, unlimited, and personalized emails and newsletters with promotional content.

One of the other advantages of email marketing is that you play by your own rules. Social media and other platforms have very strict rules and they only facilitate the use of specific marketing tools and platforms. Furthermore, these platforms have the unchallenged rights to cancel an account, hold payments, and so on! However, email marketing saves you from these and many more problematic situations as you are the sole owner and user of email lists. Moreover, email marketing can be easily integrated with other forms and functions of marketing like CRM tools and analytics to gain access to in-depth insights. All in all, email marketing is truly a wonderful method of marketing to extend the reach of your business to a wider audience without putting a burden on your pocket. If you want to gain more info or need any kind of assistance, you can simply reach out to us at our MailGet toll-free number +1(855)419-0919 or our MailGet technical support.

Our MailGet Technical Support

Our MailGet technical support department can help you with sort out a comprehensive range of general and technical issues associated with the purchase and use of MailGet products and services.

Our dependable, experienced, creative, innovative, and dedicated teams of experienced and knowledgeable engineers and certified technicians are well-versed with the best and latest of hardware and software related technological advancements. Our MailGet technical support would carefully listen to and understand your problems, identify the root cause of the problem, and will then offer their customized and easy solution to solve your problems and ensure that they don’t return back ever again so that you don’t have to ever lose your peace of mind and hard-earned money after placing your trust on MailGet and us.

 Resolving MailGet Issues with Effective Solutions

You can even join live chat sessions with our MailGet customer service teams to save your time. You can find answers to every possible question related with MailGet products and even answers to frequently asked questions including but not limited to how to set up MailGet on a Mac, how to set up MailGet on iOS Devices, how to set up MailGet on a PC, How to download MailGet for Windows, how to free up iPhone data and MailGet storage, unable to access MailGet account, how to reset your MailGet password, etc. You can even reach out at MailGet toll free number for customer support queries related to App not saving in MailGet, MailGet data not syncing, no connection to MailGet, exceeding or reaching MailGet storage limit, MailGet verification failure messages, authentication error messages when signing into MailGet, or appearance of unsupported MailGet ID when signing into MailGet. You can simply reach out to us at our MailGet toll-free number +1(855)419-0919 or our MailGet technical support if you need any kind of general and technical support.

Our MailGet email customer service staff can also assist you with errors faced while sending and receiving emails, errors in attaching big files, POP and IMAP setting related problems, recovering missing emails, recovering lost password, extra storage issues, spam or junk email issues, inability to login to MailGet, forgetting your MailGet ID, and details about MailGet Storage Plans and Pricing.

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Our MailGet technical support and MailGet email customer service teams can also help you with different MailGet products and services such as MailGet email marketing, MailGet Bolt, Email list cleaning, Email enricher, and Email SMTP. We can also help you with a lot of time-tested and success-oriented tips, tricks, and precautions to manage your MailGet ID. You can simply reach out to us at our MailGet toll-free number +1(855)419-0919 or our MailGet technical support if you need any kind of general and technical support.

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