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Lavabit is an email service provider that was launched in 2004. It is a free email provider that provides high-level security and privacy with their email service. In 2013, Lavabit stopped functioning and again resumed its services in 2017.As of now, it is available as a paid service and you have to pay for the subscription that you want to choose. The email service provider is basically built around the concept of Dark Internet Mail Environment protocol.To get instant help call Lavabit Email Customer Service Number to fix issues.


Some Common Error Codes of  Lavabit Emails

Sometimes you SMTP error may return a particular error message.

And here’s a list of the main SMTP error or Error Message:

  • 101 -The server is unable to connect.
  • 111 -Connection refused or inability to open an SMTP stream.
  • 211 -System status message or help reply.
  • 214  -A response to the HELP command
  • 431 -Not enough space on the disk, or an “out of memory” condition due to a file overload.
  • 441 -The recipient’s server is not responding.

Various Reasons to Choose Lavabit over other Contemporaries:

Lavabit email provider has been on the eye of many-business professional since it was launched in 2004. It works on POP and IMAP. However, this is not only the reason why it has become so popular, there are other advanced features embedded with this email system that has significantly boost its popularity in the recent past

  • Concept of end to end encryption technique has been used in Lavabit email service
  • Aims to keep your emails private
  • Multiple ways to access your email
  • Robust spam and virus filtering

Lavabit Email Tech Support Number USA-Canada

Hence, our customers utilize a variety of programs, operating systems and browsers in their local environments to use Lavabit. The support team can help solve problems associated with most email clients and apps. Therefore, Our experienced team can also help identify the cause of problems in a local environment.

24*7 Lavabit Customer Care Number +1-855-419-0919 for solutions

Lavabit users can suffer from a wide range of tech issues which usually occur suddenly. Users need not to worry at that instance as our technical experts are available 24X7 for support. Call at Lavabit Customer Support Number  (USA/Canada) instantly for best services. Please let us know the technical issue that you are facing with Lavabit email account. You will not find our helpline number out of service or engaged as it is congestion free and always available for the users. Our technicians are known to provide the unparalleled and sustainable technical service that is based on the evaluation and focused to offer positive results which are value-added and reliable

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