How to Fix Juno Email Not Working?

Emails are commonly used today, both officially and informally, to remain in contact with everyone. All comes to a stop when your favorite email service suddenly stops working. Same is the case with the Juno email users as they encounter frequent issues related to their Juno Email Not Working. If you have also come across such issue, then it’s high time to get the issue fixed.

There may be several basic reasons why your email doesn't work, so it's best to verify your device's settings first. The login credentials are also entered correctly and, most importantly, their internet connection works at a high pace or not. If you evaluate that everything is as per your necessity but the problem still persists then try to configure the Juno email properly with the above-mentioned troubleshooting measures.

Juno Email Not Working

Why Juno Email Not Working on iPhone or Android Device –

As emails are commonly used to assist you stay in contact with everyone in today's moment. If the email stops functioning one gets the impression that the whole world is angry, there may be some fundamental reasons for the same thing.

  • One has to make sure the phone is correctly linked to the Internet.
  • The email address and password entered must be ensured to be correct.
  • Check for the settings.

Steps to correct the issue of Juno Email Not Working:

  • To log in to your Juno account, open your browser and visit the website
  • Click the Settings option and then click the POP mail
  • Choose my desktop / smartphone's ON-Pop mail
  • Sign up from your email address

For iPhone:

Enter the email address

  • Set the name of the Incoming Mail server as POP3 (110) and SMTP (587)
  • Enter the account name of the email address
  • SSL should be switched off for incoming and outgoing messages.

For Android:

  • Enter the email address and the password then click on ‘Next’
  • Set POP server, server port 995 and click on SSL as the security type
  • Enter SMTP server as, server port 465, click to save settings

Juno Email Customer Care Number +1-855-419-0919 Email Help

Juno Email Customer Care Number

If you are hell bent on receiving first-rate alternatives from customer support experts then you only need to provide them with comprehensive data about your problems so they can come forward in a short time to unravel your problems. Call Juno Email Customer Service Number immediately if you need immediate assistance to decipher your Juno email, not operating issues.