How to Install or Uninstall AOL Shield Pro?

AOL Shield Pro is renowned without any concern for multiple stuff like online shopping, social media assignments, banking duties. Here we'll demonstrate you in a few simple steps how to Install or Uninstall AOL Shield Pro. The guidelines below are to assist consumers take the measures.

Install Or Uninstall AOL Shield Pro

Steps to Install or Uninstall AOL Shield Pro are

Steps 1: This section will show you how to Install or Uninstall AOL Shield Pro.

To install AOL Shield Pro, follow all of these processes:

  • The first thing to download from AOL's download product page is AOL Shield Pro
  • Now follow the directions for installing the AOL Shield Pro closely
  • During installation, you need to take various strides for various programs

In case you come across some difficulty while doing the above procedure, then try to Reset AOL Account for getting back to your work.

Steps 2: This part is about uninstalling the Shield Pro

Follow the following measures to Uninstall AOL Shield Pro:

  • Access the desktop shortcut icon on the AOL Shield Pro to right-click it.
  • Open a menu, select and click on "Open file place.
  • Now follow all the prompts that appear to be uninstalled on-screen.

Users finally need to restart the computer to finish the uninstall process readily.

AOL Customer Service Number +1-855-419-0919 for Email Help


You are still unable to Install AOL Shield Pro even after following all of the above measures to install and the procedure. Don't be panicked! If that occurs to you as we have well-trained employees who are able to eradicate your hurdles sufficiently. You just need to call AOL Customer Care Number and stay in touch with a team of skilled techies.