How to Fix Hotmail Error Code 404?

Hotmail has always been a name that the users can rely on for its performance and design. Sometimes, you might face some problem when browsing the internet. For instance, a page may appear on your screen with a blank message. You will see the Hotmail Error 404 or 404 files not found will appear on your screen. This code displays an error message returned by HTTP. It means the requested page does not exist on your system. The first 4 of the error codes indicates that you entered a bad address and the last 4 indicated that there is a problem with the URL.

Therefore, Search Engines face too much trouble indexing the websites. When the Hotmail users run with this problem, you cannot use the application to send or receive e-mail messages and receive error messages. If you are encountering this problem frequently, then it is recommended to repair the error message.

Effects Due To The Hotmail Error 404

If you are encountering this error, then you can not send or you cannot receive any message from the others. For this, you will not be able to turn on your open your mail account. If you want to open you will get a message code with Error 404. You get the error code frequently whenever you try to open the mail account. Moreover, in some of the cases, this problem can be caused by hiccups or problems at the end of the customer.

Simple Tricks To Resolve The Error Code 404

It is recommended that if you are struggling with this error message, then you must take a step to resolve the issue. Applying the simple tricks to troubleshoot the error message.

Solution 1: Remove Your Account

The most effective solution to fix the error message is to remove your email account and then, reconfigure it with a new username and password. To do so, open your Hotmail account. Then, go to the Settings option and select the Deactivate option. After successfully deactivating your account you can reactivate your account. By mistake, if you delete your account you cannot recover it in future.

Solution 2: Make Sure That Your Computer’s SSL Settings Are Correct

Another effective solution is to check your system’s SSL settings. To check your settings, launch  Internet Explorer. After that, go to the Tools options. You will get the SSL option from the Security option. After checking the SSL setting correctly open your Hotmail account and check the error message still pop-up on your screen.

Solution 3: Ensure That Internet Explorer Not Set To Work Offline

If your Internet Explorer set to work offline, then you can not access Hotmail for your use. You can send or retrieve email from your email account. To do so, you need to launch the Internet Explorer and select Tools option. After selecting the Work Offline turn off the option. After that, check the error message still exist or not.

Solution 4: Wait Out The Store

The most common cause of this problem is server hiccups. If the server is the cause, the problem is of course temporary. If you are suffering from this issue the best way to solve the issue is simply close down Hotmail account and wait for a while. After sometimes, open your account and check if the problem is still there, then apply the above methods.

Avail The Services To Resolve The Error Message 404 With Us

If you are applying the above-mentioned methods and you are unable to fix the error message then you should take help from an expert. But, as the process requires technical knowledge otherwise it will harm your computer as well as your account.

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