How To Fix AOL Mail Not Working?

AOL mail is a free email service provided by AOL. AOL Mail services are comparatively better and secure as compared to the other email services, but sometimes issues occur. Most of the time users’ complaints that their AOL Mail not Working or they unable to send emails. These problems are quite common to occur and we are here to provide you with complete assistance to resolve the issues. So, if your AOL Mail is not Working, just contact our experts and get a reliable instant solution for the problem.

Users often complain about comparable problems, such as claiming they are unable to login to their AOL account, and some say their AOL Mail is down. Some individuals, on the other side, complain that their AOL account has been hacked. Well! We can fix all AOL Mail issues for you. Our AOL support services are accessible to the client 24/7, so call us and get reliable alternatives for all kinds of AOL problems whenever you need assistance.

AOL Mail not Working

Methods to Fix AOL Mail Not Working Problems

Here are some of the methods that can effectively assist AOL customers / customers in troubleshooting AOL mail that doesn't work. If users feel like a professional's advice, however, go to and connect to the AOL Phone Number.

Solution 1: Turn on Airplane Mode and Off

If you are facing the issue of AOL Mail down, then there are clearly high chances of ending up with a problem. Because the AOL service operates on the internet, your internet may not function correctly. To ensure that your Internet is functioning correctly, take the measures below.

Step 1: Turn on and off your iPhone's Airplane mode. Control panel can do this. To open the control panel, all you need to do is swipe up the screen. Now choose the Airplane mode choice. Turn off the Airplane mode after a few minutes.

Step 2: Check if your Wi-Fi is powerful. When connecting to the Wi-Fi, make sure it works okay.

Step 3: Make sure you have an active data pack when using cellular data. This may assist you to fix issues with AOL email.

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings if You Are Not Getting Emails on iPhone

If all of the above controls are done and you are still understood with the issue "why does AOL Mail not Working on iPhone?" then it's time to rest your iPhone's network settings. Playing with Airplane mode could have a stronger effect. Follow the measures below to resolve the problem.

Step 1: Go to Configuration and click General. Look for the choice to reset.

Step 2: Search and press Reset Network Settings in the Reset option. This also resets passwords and networks for Wi-Fi, settings for VPN and APN, and cellular settings.

Solution 3: Remove the Account and Log in Again

If you still face the problem of "AOL Mail Not Sending on iPhone" or "AOL Mail Not Receiving Emails," you must attempt to remove the account and re-add it. Here are the steps that you have to take.

Solution 4: Fix AOL Email Not Working on iPhone Due to iOS System Glitch

Sometimes the software crash leads AOL not to work on the iPhone. You can always sign up to Tenors hare ReiBoot in such instances-the finest retrieval of the iPhone system. This tool provides a one-time solution to all your iPhone problems. The instrument is very easy to use in relation to this. Users therefore always prefer to use this tool.

Solution 5: Use AOL App Instead of Mail App on iPhone

If you have already attempted all the techniques but still get AOL mistakes such as username or password is wrong" or "'s mail server is not reacting. Make sure you have entered the right account in the mail environments." Instead of using the iPhone Mail app, you can download and use the AOL app from the app store to prevent AOL mail login problems.

How to Reach AOL Customer Service?

  •  AOL 24×7 customer service
  • AOL Help desk
  • AOL Customer Care Number
  • AOL tech support number
  • AOL Customer service number
  • AOL Customer Support Number
  • AOL Contact Number
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AOL Customer Service Number +1-800-848-5295 for AOL Help


The methods provided may assist you solve AOL mail is not a problem that works. However, if you cannot solve the issue even after having followed the methods, you can contact the AOL technical support team and get immediate support. AOL Mail not Working problem. Our engineers are always at your disposal to assist. We have a team of skilled and experienced engineers who can assist you find the correct and reliable solution for AOL problems readily. AOL Technical Support team understands the root cause of the AOL problem and understands the most reliable solution to immediately mitigate the problem. So, if you can't submit messages via AOL account or your AOL mail down, just contact our professionals and get the immediate solution.