How To Fix AOL Error 116? Easy & Quick Solution

You will not be able to send and receive mail from your AOL mail account once you face this sort of mistake. Using engineers, you need urgent Fix AOL Error Code 116. Once you call AOL Customer Support, you will meet that individual. AOL Mail Error 116 is triggered by system documents reconfigured in the operating system of Windows. It is basically the error's numerical value.

AOL Error 116

Why The AOL Mail Error 116 Can Occur

  • First, if your computer has any corrupt system files, this mistake may happen.
  • Even you can get this issue if the antivirus software erroneously deletes some of the system documents.
  • If you erroneously delete any AOL application software component file, you may also experience the issue.

Probable AOL Email Error Code 116 Fixing

We supplied you with the alternatives you can fix the AOL mistake 116 in this chapter. As mentioned, follow the guide and it shouldn't be an issue.

Virus Scanning System

The first thing you can do to remove this issue is to scan your PC for any kind of viruses or malware. If you discover any documents that are malicious, extract them from your computer.

Complete Scan of the System

Malware problems can sometimes lead to an AOL mistake. You can scan the entire system and extract from the system all the malware. Delete all of your system's suspect records.

Boot Your Computer in Safe Mode

Check your machine and see if the AOL mistake 116 will occur when it boots in the Safe Mode. Now, you can attempt the following to boot your laptop in safe mode:

  • Go to the Start menu first and then open the ' Run ' menu. Type the ' reconfigure ' command in it and tap ' OK. '
  • Tap the ' Services ' tab and deactivate all Microsoft services in the System Configuration window.
  • When done, reboot your machine to apply the changes.

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If you are still struggling with the same issue after following the above fixes, then don't panic because our technical team is there for you. Now, there are several issues in your mind that might increase! Simply contact our helpdesk to get the easiest solution with a short span of time in such situations. You can call our helpline number + 1-855-419-0919 for this purpose.