How to Solve AOL Email Search Not Working?

With AOL Mail's infinite advantages over other comparable email services, AOL Email Search Not Working issue is not new. Now you'd think what is searching for AOL mail? Relax, as this blog will introduce you to this intelligent benefit. AOL search is what provides listings based on the user's choice to access multiple internet outcomes including pictures, videos, maps and much more for the fundamental comprehension.

AOL Mail Search Not Working

The Solution for AOL Mail Search not Working Problem

Check Internet Connection: First of all, customers should check their connectivity problem on the internet if they discover it should be solved. Poor link to the internet can trigger an email hiccup.

Solve AOL Email Server Error: If the server mistake or the email server is down, you should contact the client care team to resolve the mistake on the AOL Email server.

Temporarily Deactivate the Firewall: Users should check that your device's firewall is enabled or disabled. If activated, customers should deactivate it temporarily and then check whether or not the mail search bar is working.

Again, Sign on the AOL Email: Sign in from your internet browser the present email account, and then log in to AOL email again. Make sure that you have no trouble signing on your AOL email and checking whether or not the mail search bar is working.

Scan the Computer with Advanced System Repair Tool: It is possible to scan and detect the computer for system mistakes with the assistance of this specific instrument that is even simple to download. The instrument is of utmost authority and sufficient to hide in the device malicious products.

  • Navigate to the file location & double click on it
  • Click yes to run the user account control
  • Once done, follow the instructions & let the tool scan and repair

AOL Email Customer Care Number 1-855-419-0919 Instant Help


All this must be done with utmost care and concern as a single incorrect move could lead in the near future to the occurrence of different inevitable hassles. If the issue persists even after troubleshooting, the best action you can take is to achieve the AOL Support Number that remains accessible 24 hours a day. The technical assistants will immediately assist you with the attachment to the request.